Bici is the italian slang for bike/bikes.
Every Bertelli bicycle is a unique design object that you won't find in any store in New York City.
Every part is assembled by hand, finished and fine-tuned by me, Francesco.
All my bikes are track bikes and fixed gear only (with the excepton of some coaster-brake builds).
I combine brand new parts with "new old stock" and vintage parts found at flea markets, old bikeshops, collectors and from my trustworthy suppliers.
The final result is that you won't find exactly the same combination in any other bicycle out there.
And your bicycle will be unique.
I like.
(and all my bikes HAVE AND will have.)
No logos and stickers
Lugged steel
Skinny tubes
Quill stems
vintage cranksets
track geometry
leather & wood
unusual handlebars
chrome forks

I do not like.
(and it is unlikely you will see on my builds.)

visible Logos & stickers

threadless fork
Clamp stem
visible welds
MTB handlebars
sponge grips
fake leather saddles
machined rims
flip-flop wheels

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